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  • NBA's 60 Greatest Playoff Moments #4: Larry Bird steals the inbound
    by DJ Mike Stas 29 1 0
    With the Pistons leading by 1 and in possession of the ball in the waning moments of Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, Larry Bird steals Isiah Thomas's inbound pass and passes it to Dennis Johnson for the winning layup.
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  • EVERYDAY'S FRIDAY Jack Delhi, Reinoud van Toledo
    by Henk Dijkstra 28 2 0
    promo cut for the forthcoming Ep EVERYDAY'S FRIDAY by Jack Delhi and Reinoud van Toledo, out soon on Jambalay Records The recently coalesced duo Jack Delhi and Reinoud van Toledo has a mission: to rock the dance floor in the Amsterdam area, and they seem to do that very well. Check out this Ep EVERYDAY'S FRIDAY and you'll get the pic of what's going on. Smashing hits with vocals that excite the crowd, jackin house beats, burning hot base lines and brass stabs, nodding to big room Tech House style. What more? Discover yourself this pearl! 27 april and may 6 we have gigs both at the parties of Vriendjespolitiek( date: 27-04-2016, place: Amsterdam Canals date: 06-05-2016, place Club NYX AMSTERDAM
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  • TrrelliuM - EXTRA LIFE
    by Henk Dijkstra 36 1 0
    EXTRA LIFE is the new single by TirrelliuM, Canadian producer, intrigued by fart bass, alien modulations and nasty synths, mixed with heart breaking melodies, perverted drops and tough beats to create an outstanding sound,picking up the best from the past and the future Electronic Music. Taking inspirations from video games, EXTRA LIFE is the special one you gain by picking up objects like Magic Mushrooms along the trail. Artist:TirrelliuM Label:Jambalay Records, Genre:Dance - House - Progressive
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    by Henk Dijkstra 40 1 0
    promo cut for the forthcoming Ep by Arlequìn on Jambalay Records
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  • Arlequin - WHAT AT PLAY
    by Henk Dijkstra 29 1 0
    Play Music. Play sex. Play fashion. Play colors. Play hairdo. ''WHAT AT PLAY'' is the new release on Jambalay Records for Arlequin, coming straight from the most Exclusive Clubs and Private parties in the beautiful Mallorca, Spain. A single track with Progressive House mood, intriguing voice samples and effects, to bring out the energy on the dance floor. Artist: Arlequin Label: Jambalay Records Genre:Dance - House - Progressive Main Release Date: 12/12/2016 BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE: 11/21/2016 Production Year:2016 # songs: 1 (00:06:59)
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  • MR SMITH - THE HAND OF GOD - Original Mix
    by Henk Dijkstra 27 1 0
    The first release for MR SMITH on Jambalay Records is a Dutch Techno anthem with old movies vocal samples, vintage style electronic bass and synth, prog attitude and proper percussions, put together with love and pride in the Vortex live studio. Artist : MR SMITH Label : Jambalay Records Genre : Dance - Techno - Progressive Release Date : 12/19/2016 Production Year : 2016 # songs : 1 (00:09:31)
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  • Skippy Groover - Deep Groove Mix
    by Skippy Groover 43 2 0
    Deephouse Minimix
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