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 .  July 4, 2016 by DJ Land Offical
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Welcome to the official YouTube Channel! is the world's foremost authority on Electronic Dance Music. A publication and label dedicated to showcasing the best music imaginable.

Tune in on these days for new music!

Mellow Monday - Keep it mellow every Monday for the chillest electronic vibes on the internet. Perfect for studying, relaxing, and hanging out.
Trap Tuesday - Join us at the trap house every Tuesday for the very best of Trap, Future Trap, and everything in between.
Mainstage Wednesday - Let us take you to the mainstage every Wednesday through Festival types of House, Trap and Dubstep.
Thumping Thursday - Go deeper every Thursday with the finest Deep House, Bass House, and other club banging styles.
Filthy Friday - Get downright filthy with the hardest Dubstep, Trap, Bass, and Hybrid genres every Friday.
Seductive Saturday - Set the mood every Saturday ranging from R&B, Soul, Alternative, and Electronic. To put it simply: only sexy music.
423 videos


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